Honda CRV

Honda CRV Tire Pressure

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is crucial for several reasons. First, it ensures your vehicle is safe to drive, as underinflated tires can be more susceptible to punctures, blowouts, and other hazards on the road. Additionally, proper tire pressure can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduce tire wear and tear, and provide a smoother ride.

Honda Elysion

Honda Elysion tire sizes

Honda Elysion rim, tire sizes (2022 – …) Honda’s Elysion is a luxury SUV that offers smooth transportation with its all-wheel-drive system and 18-inches wheel size. Its powerful engine coupled with striking design allow for swift, agile turns and exceptional handling in any terrain. The higher grades of the Elysion come equipped with larger 19-inch …

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Honda e

Honda e tire sizes

Honda e rim, tire sizes (2020 – …) The Honda e is a revolutionary car experience. It features state of the art tire and wheel technology that provides a unique driving experience, unmatched in its class. It has an iconic modern design with a spacious interior and smooth riding performance. The low tire noise allows …

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Honda Civic tire sizes

Honda Civic rim, tire sizes (2021 – …) 2022 Rim Sizes: 7×16 – 8×18 Thread size: M12 x 1.5 Tire pressure: 2.2 – 2.3 Bolt Pattern: 5×114.3 Wheel Fasteners: Lug nuts Honda Civic 2022 tire sizes: 1.5 VTEC : 235/40R18, 235/40ZR18 1.5 VTEC : 215/55R16, 215/50R17, 235/40R18 2.0 i-VTEC : 215/55R16, 215/50R17, 235/40R18 Honda Civic …

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