MINI Crossover

MINI Crossover tire sizes

MINI Crossover rim, tire sizes (2020 – …) 2022 Rim Sizes: 7×16 – 8.5×19 Thread size: M14x1.25 Tire pressure: 2.2 – 2.6 Bolt Pattern: 5×112 Wheel Fasteners: Lug nuts MINI Crossover 2022 tire sizes: Buckingham (3BA-12BR15) : 205/65R16, 205/60R17, 225/55R17, 205/55R18, 225/50R18, 225/45R19, 225/45ZR19 Cooper D (3DA-42BT20) : 205/65R16, 205/60R17, 225/55R17, 205/55R18, 225/50R18, 225/45R19, 225/45ZR19 …

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Lexus NX

Lexus NX tire sizes

Lexus NX rim, tire sizes (2021 – …) The Lexus NX is the perfect blend of sporty design and luxury comfort. With a sleek, sophisticated exterior, an airy interior and superior technology such as Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa integration, the NX is the ideal car for anyone looking to add a little bit of …

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MINI Cooper

MINI Cooper tire sizes

MINI Cooper rim, tire sizes (2021 – …) The new MINI Cooper is a car that was designed with driver enjoyment in mind. It comes packed with the latest cutting edge technologies and is equipped with a refined engine that provides excellent performance and efficiency. With its modernized exterior design and array of customizable options, …

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Rivian R1S

Rivian R1S tire sizes

Rivian R1S rim, tire sizes (2022 – …) The Rivian R1S is gaining recognition around the world for its incredible capabilities. It proudly touts a wheel size of 20”, 21”, 22” and runs on dual electric motors with an impressive range of up to 400 miles between charges. The four-seat layout allows maximum flexibility and …

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